Rules & Policies

Keep things civil

  • No discriminatory language
  • You should be mainly be attacking the argument and not the person. However if it is a person who is the subject of a debate then make your arguments based on things they can change (e.g. behaviour, character, actions, public views, etc) and not things they can't change (e.g. skin colour, body, sexual preferences, etc)
  • Swearing will be tolerated as long as it is not directed towards a specific person or group of people.

Stick to the facts

  • No false or misrepresented information
  • Arguments should be primarily fact based rather than personal opinions

Once is enough

  • An argument that is the same as or similar to a previous argument made will not be accepted. Try improving the existing argument instead.
  • Don't want the debates to become an endless cycle of saying the same things over and over again.

Get to the point

  • Make your arguments concise and as easy to understand as possible.
  • Try to avoid flowery language and keep it clear and simple


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